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Career and Craft/Trades Programs

Apprenticeship Programs
Learn a trade and earn money simultaneously. Salaries can start as high as $60,000 the first year (plus benefits), and can increase to $90,000 within 4 years.  Examples: Electrical, Culinary, Carpentry, Automotive & more.  Most require high school diploma and aptitude test.

Bay Area Manufacturing Careers
Learn about careers in manufacturing and search community colleges and apprenticeships for programs offered.

Building California Construction Careers
A career in the building and construction trades can be a reqarding experience. In addition to excellent pay and benefits, construction offers an opportunity to work outside, to work with your hands and to work as part of a team.

California Apprenticeship Coordinators Association
Union apprenticeship programs in California offering career opportunities

US Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Handbook
Income information, videos, and lots of info about jobs/education pathways.