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Dual Enrollment at HHS

Hillsdale and SMCCCD Logo with the words Dual Enrollment Pathways

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment is an educational practice that enables a high school student to enroll in and complete credit-bearing college courses. Successfully completing these courses provides a student with both college and high school credits. Some courses are taught by qualified high school faculty and some are taught by SMCCD faculty. 

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How Does it Help?

Research consistently shows that dual enrollment cuts costs for students exposes students to college-level coursework and rigor, and gives students greater confidence to enter and complete college. Students enrolled in dual enrollment courses are more likely to graduate from high school and continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree. High school students take Dual Enrollment courses free of college tuition. Students who complete dual enrollment courses generally can take fewer classes in college and save money on total college costs. 

Dual Enrollment Classes at Hillsdale High School

  • Business
    • BUS 100: Introduction to Business (Fall)
    • BUS 171The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Spring)
  •  Psychology
    • PSYC 310: Positive Psychology  (Fall)
    • PSYC 230 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology (Spring) 
  • Criminal Justice
    • ADMJ 100: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System  (Fall)
    • ADMJ 102 Principles and Procedures of the Criminal Justice (Spring) 
  • Communication
    • COMM130: Interpersonal Communication  (Fall)
    • COMM 110: Public Speaking  (Spring) 
  • College and Career Planning
    • CRER 100: Career Planning and Life Exploration  (Fall)
    • COUN 240College and Academic Success (Spring) 
  • Video Production
  • Early Childhood Education
    • ECE 210: Early Childhood Education Principles  (Fall)
    • ECE 201: Child Development  (Spring)
    • ECE 211: Child, Family, & Community  (Fall)
    • ECE 212: Early Childhood Education Curriculum (Spring)