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School Wide Learning Objectives (SLOs)

Hillsdale Graduate Profile

Hillsdale's Graduate Profile is a way for students to practice and demonstrate their knowledge of these important skills.

As a Hillsdale High School graduate, you will:

Communicate effectively:

  • Write logically structured documents that demonstrate an appropriate sense of audience, purpose, and context.
  • Speak with poise, clear organization, a command of language, and an appropriate sense of audience, purpose, and context.
  • Listen actively, acknowledging and understanding different viewpoints, and providing and accepting feedback.

Read for Understanding


  • Critically:
    • Ask critical questions
    • Generate hypotheses
    • View problems from multiple perspectives
    • Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information
    • Pursue answers and solutions through research, experimentation and/or computation.
  • Creatively: Generate unique answers and interpretations.
  • Metacognitively: Reflect upon and assess your work.


  • Yourself:
    • Make informed and appropriate personal and academic decisions
    • Be prepared, participate and persevere
    • Reflect and self-evaluate
  • Your community:
    • Demonstrate integrity and empathy
    • Collaborate in large and small groups
    • Understand, appreciate and respect diversity
  • Your world:
    • Participate in civil discourse and the democratic process
    • Make authentic connections between what you have learned and the wider world

Understand and apply:

  • Content
  • Content skills