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Welcome Alumni

Dear Alumni,

“Once a Knight, Always a Knight.” We now number over 20,000 Hillsdale alumni from the first graduating class of 1957 to the class of 2019.

To better serve our alumni community, the Hillsdale High School Alumni Association (HHSAA), founded in the early 1990’s, has now reorganized with the institutional stability and under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of the Hillsdale High School Foundation.

Our Mission is:

  • to reach, serve and engage all Hillsdale alumni and their families;
  • to foster a lifelong connection between the High School and its graduates;
  • and to provide Hillsdale High School with goodwill and support.

The HHSAA Steering Committee functions as a committee of the Foundation, and its members are Class Connectors who serve as liaisons to their graduating classes. New Class Connectors are always welcome.

To better communicate with our alumni, we now have the HHSAA website. This will allow everyone to join the Alumni Association (It's Free!), register online for our annual Alumni Luncheon (1st Saturday of every December), and obtain information about and register for the annual Hillsdale High School Hall of Fame event (date TBD, typically early May).  An Alumni Association Newsletter, Sir Cedric’s Chronicles, is published several times a year and support is provided for class reunions. You can also communicate with Hillsdale Alumni by going to our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group.

We are looking forward to a year of activity with the Hillsdale Alumni and Hillsdale High School,

Your HHSAA Steering Committee

Contact Us

Send us an email at

63 Bovet Rd. Suite 218
San Mateo, CA 94402