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Hillsdale is proud to offer a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses that serve to challenge and encourage students to think differently, while preparing them for the AP tests in May. The College Board designs curricula that aim to be the equivalent of undergraduate courses; in fact, towards the end of the school year, students are encouraged to take AP tests to potentially earn college credit or gain the opportunity to be enrolled in advanced courses once they enter college.

Students wishing to take AP courses are encouraged to do so. Prerequisites are listed as an indicator of success and students should consider past progress in prerequisite courses. This will help determine whether they will be successful in the AP course.Please choose courses carefully. Students who are enrolled in an AP class are encouraged to take the AP test for the curricular area but it is not a requirement.  We encourage families to determine together if taking a test is in the best interest of the student. Hillsdale will help provide financial assistance for students who need support pay for the exams.