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Student Services

Student Services

For questions and more information about the following items, visit the Student Services section of the District website:, email  or call 650-558-2251:

  • Address changes and / or contact info changes
  • Wellness counseling
  • Attendance issues
  • Transferring students
  • Data Confirmation - Summer Census
  • Preferred Name Changes 
  • Alternatives to Suspension programs

Counselor Assignments 

The role of the counselor is to assist students to achieve to the best of their abilities. Students will be able to use  an online scheduling platform called ScheduleOnce to sign up for appointment times with their  counselors. Counselors will also be reaching out to students to create time to meet. Details on ScheduleOnce  will be posted on our website and sent out through Canvas once school begins. 

Parents are also encouraged to consult and work with their student's counselor. Counseling assignments have changed for the 24-25 SY. Assignment of students is as follows: 

Janice Kelly: Counselor for Florence 9th and 10th grade, Jakarta 11th grade (Stewart and Mylan advisories), Cusco 12th grade (Williams and Seligman advisories)

Marissa Reyes: Counselor Oaxaca 9th and 10th grade

Jenny Rienzo: Counselor for Kyoto 9th and 10th grade, Jakarta 11th grade (Milton advisory), Manila 9th-11th grade

Ed Canda: Counselor for Timbuktu 11th grade, Cusco 12th grade (Gilbert and Mariucci advisories)

Christiana Cassio: Counselor for Cusco 11th grade, Jakarta 12th grade, Timbuktu 12th grade 


Employment/Work Permits  

State law requires that every student under the age of 18 have a work permit for all employment situations: after  school, nights, weekends and/or vacation periods. Work permit applications are available from the College &  Career Center staff. The “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor” must be signed and returned with proof of age and  signature of both parent and employer. In order to secure a work permit, the student must earn a 2.0 GPA or better,  demonstrate good attendance. Job opportunities and information are posted on a bulletin board located in the  College & Career Center and on the Hillsdale website. 

College and Career Center  

This center is designed to assist students in obtaining information about college entrance requirements, college  courses of study, financial aid, internship, and career opportunities. This information is continually updated and will  aid students in planning for their educational and vocational futures. Students who wish to investigate colleges,  career interests or occupational choices can visit the Career center for more information or an appointment. We  invite you to visit our website and go to the Counseling & Career Center link

Other School Services 


All school lockers are school property furnished as a convenience for students to store items necessary for  school. Each student will be assigned a specific locker to use during the four years at Hillsdale. Lockers should be  kept clean at all times. Students will be held financially responsible for loss of school owned books. PE lockers are  issued by the PE department at the start of each semester. Specific guidelines for use are explained in PE classes.

Special school-issued combination locks will be lent to each student upon entering Hillsdale. No other locks are  permitted school lockers. When a student leaves Hillsdale, he/she must return the lock or a fee of $10 will be  charged. Students are encouraged NOT to share their lockers or combinations with other students and not to use their  lockers to store valuable articles. These lockers are book repositories; the school is not responsible for the safety of  personal materials placed in the lockers. All school lockers are the property of the school and may be searched without  warning at any time. 


All required course textbooks are loaned to students for use during each semester. Students should write his/her  name and grade on the book label (inside front cover) in case their book is lost or misplaced. Textbooks are to be  covered and kept clean. Once issued, students will be held financially responsible for loss, damage, writing in, or  unusual wear to books, library/school equipment. Calculators are also available for check-out. 

Student Identification Cards  

IDENTIFICATION CARDS are issued each fall after pictures are taken. Students are required to have this ID in  their possession at all times. The ID serves not only to identify students to staff but also to quickly identify those  students enrolled in off campus programs. The barcode on the back of each ID card turns the ID card into a  LIBRARY CARD. Students CANNOT check out any library or textbook without this card. If students lose this card,  they can purchase a replacement in the Health Office for $5. 

Name Changes

In Aeries: When the parent/legal guardian with legal custody of a child requests that the child be enrolled in school under a name different from that appearing upon documentary proof of age or school records, this may be accomplished by completion of the Unofficial Change of Name of Minor. 

In the HHS Yearbook: Completion of this form



  • Any student who drives to school must register his/her car in the Main Office in order to receive a parking permit sticker.  Students with permits may park in the Del Monte St., 31st Avenue or Alameda De Las Pulgas parking lots.
  • Students who drive to school must park in school parking lots or on the sides of the streets adjacent to the school.  Students may be allowed to go to their cars parked in a campus lot during the school day.  Any other trips to cars, including any car parked on the street, will not be allowed and may result in detention and/or in-house suspension. 
  • Once a student parks a vehicle at school, it may not be moved until the student is scheduled to leave for the day.  Movement of the car is considered leaving campus and will result in in-house suspension.  Repeat offenders will lose the right to park their cars at school.  
  • Cars parked off-campus cannot be visited during the school day unless the student has prior approval, written or verbal, from an administrator/dean. Students who leave campus to visit their cars during the school day without permission will be assigned in-house suspension.  Cars should not be used as lockers.
  • Students driving to school who cannot find on-campus parking may park on the school side of Del Monte Street or on the school side of 31st Avenue.   
  • The south parking lot (near the turf soccer field) is closed to students.

Driving to school is considered a privilege which can be lost if any of the above rules are violated. privilege which can be lost if the above rules are violated. 


Bicycles/Scooters may be chained to the racks provided on campus. Skateboards should be stored in lockers in the  rack provided on campus. Bicycles and skateboards may not be ridden on school premises at any time. Failure to  follow these rules will result in items being confiscated. Confiscated items will be returned only to a parent or  guardian. 

Parking Permits 

All students and faculty must register their cars in the Main Office and receive a permit parking sticker to park on  campus. Staff with a permit may park in any lot on campus. Students may park in the Del Monte Street, 31st Avenue, or Alameda de las Pulgas parking lots.

All Gender Bathrooms

Hillsdale's All Gender bathrooms can be found in the locations highlighted on the map below. Please see your counselor, advisor, or an administrator if you have any questions.

All Gender Restroom Map