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Dance at Hillsdale

Dance students learn skills in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, contemporary, lyrical and hip hop. Dancers also learn classical technique and modern innovators of dance. 

Performance opportunities include joining Dance Ensemble and Dance Team. Auditions take place every May. 

Please visit our Dance Ensemble webpage  for more details. 

Dance Courses


Grade: 9-12 Duration/Credit Year / 10 Credits
UC/CSU: Yes; “f” - VAPA.

Course covers the basic steps, vocabulary, and variations of dance in jazz, which is a common form of dance used in musical theater and commercial and entertainment industries, with its roots in social dance and heavily influenced by African-American traditions. Students learn basic techniques based on ballet and modern dance. Through daily warm-ups and exercises, students gain strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. Musicality and performance skills are taught through a series of dance combinations. Students complete vocabulary quizzes, written assignments, and a final project.


Grade: 9-12 Duration/Credit Year / 10 Credits
UC/CSU: Yes; “f” - VAPA
Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in Beginning Dance or permission of teacher.

As the students progress and mature, jazz style movements increase in difficulty and creativity. Class format increases with additional center work, across the floor technique, and more complex jazz combinations. Additional dance styles of jazz are explored such as theatrical and lyrical. This class also 26 accepts adult jazz students who are looking for a high level challenge. Prerequisite: Beginner jazz; Knowledge of ballet.


Grade: 9-12 Duration/Credit Year / 10 Credits
UC/CSU: Yes; “f” - VAPA
Prerequisite: Permission of teacher

The class will move at a faster pace and at an intermediate and/or advanced technical level. Every 5 weeks a new style of dance will be introduced and a 2 ½- 4 minute routine will be taught and staged, much like in a professional dance company. Throughout the class we will discuss audition tactics and preparation in order to prepare you major dance performances. This class will culminate with an end of the semester showcase. The class also includes an introduction to Dance Composition, technique and theory, across-the-floor, 3 minute staged dance, journals, and video presentation. This will also culminate in a student produced production of original works. DRAMA Grade: 9-12 Duration/Credit Year / 10 Credits UC/CSU: Yes; “f” - VAPA. Students work in pairs and small groups to learn skills in team building, communication, public speaking, improv, comedy, character development, and audition technique. Drama also covers important theatre history, including Greek Theatre, Italian Commedia dell'Arte, Shakespeare, and Chicano Theatre. DRAMA ADVANCED Grade: 10-12 Duration/Credit Year / 10 Credits UC/CSU: Yes; “f” - VAPA. Prerequisite: Audition Only In this intensive course, actors develop a deeper understanding of drama from different cultural and historical perspectives through playwriting, scene study, monologues, directing, emotional development, and performance technique. This class changes every year, may be repeated for credit.